Visiting Saint Louis - What to See and Do

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Saint Louis, resting in the north-eastern corner of France, is located just a stone's throw from the Swiss city of Basel and Germany's Weil Am Reim. All cities share the River Rhine, which has been a significant influence in the cultural development of the region. Despite its tiny stature, Saint Louis is home to a handful of attractions, including Basel's major international air-gateway.

Tourists can reach the sightseeing marvels of Basel in minutes, as the culturally-rich Swiss city stands less than 10 km / 6 miles from Saint Louis. Bask in the artistic wealth of Basel's museums, galleries and architecture. Cruising the Rhine by boat or strolling the promenades is perfect for warm summer afternoons.

The colours, sights and sounds of Basel radiate for all to see during the Basler Fasnacht carnival each February. On any regular day, tourists can spend hours shopping along the streets of this Swiss city. Throughout Saint Louis, Weil Am Reim and Basel, a charming café culture is easily found, providing comfortable settings for visitors to unwind.

Ten things you must do in Saint Louis

  • In the small German town of Weil Am Reim, the privately owned Vitra Design Museum is a popular tourist attraction that houses permanent exhibitions of modern interior design and furniture styles. Tourists can explore modern architecture through the museum itself, as it is renowned for its chic and avant-garde facade. Workshops are also held within the museum, not to mention guided tours of the facility.
  • The Market Square is the centre of medieval Basel, offering more than just a market place. Patrons can find great varieties of food and vegetables inside the market, but it is the surrounding architectural grandeur that turns millions of heads a year. Sites like the Renaissance-inspired Town Hall, which rests upon the Market Square's perimeter, make touring this area of Basel an 'unmissable' experience.
  • Basel Cathedral is located just off Market Square, upon its own renowned public space. The St. Gallus Door is among the structure's most important features. However, many tourists come here for the outstanding views of Basel, the Rhine, and the surrounding regions of France and Germany. St. George's Tower is the perfect lookout, especially on a clear summer's day.
  • The Walled City Gates are still prevalent within the modern metropolis of Basel. Tourists can walk the fortification ring and take note of the prestigious wall gates still standing. The gates can be visited any day of the week, making them the perfect time filler for a sightseeing holiday in Basel.
  • Basel is a renowned centre for the arts. One of the most illustrious sites in the city is the Art Museum of Basel. Tourists will be impressed with the shimmering array of reputable masterpieces exhibited here. There is even an entire collection dedicated entirely to Pablo Picasso, while the Renaissance and medieval paintings similarly attract a plethora of art lovers to this landmark.
  • Whether tourists are up for a swim or a cruise, the Rhine adds a spectacular twist to the tourism industry around Saint Louis. Basel's promenade is a grand area to walk along. If the weather gets hot enough, do as the locals do and jump into the river for a cooling swim.
  • Classical plays, modern performances and other styles of theatre are regular players in the Basel culture scene. Ballet and opera are usually held within the Grand Stage Theatre, while Theatre Basel hosts plenty of major performances throughout the year. For a more alternative theatre scene, head to Kleine Buhne.
  • Switzerland is renowned for its watches and Basel happens to host one of the country's largest watch fairs - BaselWorld. If tourists haven't booked accommodation before reaching the Saint Louis-Basel-Weil Am Reim area during the BaselWorld event, then expect to be sleeping on the street. This amazing watch fair lures almost a million visitors annually.
  • Visitors of all ages will love Switzerland's largest zoological centre - the Basel Zoo. Considering that this attraction is situated within the heart of the city, an extensive variety of animals are found inside the zoo. Visit the problem-solving monkeys at the house of primates or watch the elephants saunter in the afternoon sun. The zoo is the most visited attraction in the entire city.
  • The Basler Fasnacht is the area's finest and most dynamic carnival attraction. Although not as lively as Brazil's Carnivale festival, this event parades through the city for three full days each year at the end of February. The event oozes with local culture, including food, dancing and musical features. Pre-booking accommodation is a must when visiting during the Fasnacht festival.

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